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Saxon Symposium on Informatics and Mathematics in Biological Applications
07th April 2017
HTW Dresden

This symposium is devoted to connecting local researchers which work on developing mathematical methods and computer science algorithms that help to unravel organizational principles in biology.

While being inspired by biological applications, the main focus of the workshop is on the mathematical foundations of models and methods. In particular, it comprises topics related to statistical learning algorithms, neuroinformatics, genetical statistics, network inference as well as Markov and cellular automata modeling..

SIMBA aims to establish contacts between local researchers working in related areas and to identify common research objectives. It provides a platform where the participants can inform about their specific research problems and the related mathematical models, give insights into the associated technical backgrounds as well as present and discuss the mathematical challenges that arise in methodology and analysis.

Anja Voss-Böhme
Fabian Schwarzenberger
Thomas Buder


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